1930s Shanghai Mystery Series



SHANGHAI, 1937. Someone has killed the Yellow Swan

Who murdered that beautiful, beguiling, erotic half-Japanese, half-Chinese nightclub singer with whom all of Shanghai is enthralled.

Was it one of her jealous lovers? Was it the nearby, hovering Japanese military who thought she was a spy for the Chinese? Or was it the Chinese who thought she was a spy for the Japanese?

As July’s heat and humidity wrap themselves around the city, and suck the energy from Shanghai’s Chinese, Japanese, and British communities, tensions steadily rise. The Japanese military is looking for any excuse to occupy Shanghai and to promote its plan to conquer Asia. Will the murder of its national — the Yellow Swan — give the army the “Incident” it has been looking for?

Not if Sun-jin has anything to say about it. Solving the murder becomes Sun-jin’s race against the clock.

As Sun-jin rushes to identify the Yellow Swan’s killer — with the clock ticking down and with obstacle after obstacle springing up to block him — he takes us through the exotic world of Shanghai in 1937, with its back-alley informants, its all-night entertainment clubs, its sing-song girls, its crime bosses, and its criminal triads.

Watching through Sun-jin’s eyes, we experience — in this mystery full of twists and turns — the best and the worst aspects of this pleasure-mad, strife-ridden city, as it teeters on the brink of World War II.

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Death In The Flowery Kingdom by

Death In The Flowery Kingdom

SHANGHAI, 1935. The Most Alluring and Most Dangerous City in the World

Someone is murdering flower-seller girls in Shanghai’s Flowery Kingdom. And it is police Inspector-Detective Sun-jin’s job — his obsession, in fact — to track down the killer and to arrest him, all at great peril to himself and to the people he loves.

Sun-jin, as he investigates the murders and deals with his complicated personal life, takes us though the contrasting worlds of East and West in Shanghai — down the city’s dark alleys and streets, through its gritty, crime-infested, triad-controlled underworld, but also into the plush private clubs of its British expatriates and bureaucrats, into the world of popular nightclubs, jazz bands, taxi dancers, and gambling dens, where money and greed thrive, human life means little, and cultures and politics often collide.

Through Sun-jin’s eyes, as he investigates the murders, we see the best and the worst of this pleasure-mad, rapacious, corrupt, strife-ridden, licentious, highly cultured, enticing, and most decadent city in the world, in 1935.

DEATH IN THE FLOWERY KINGDOM can be purchased at Amazon.