With Owen M. Roth

The Dog Who Played Centerfield by

The Dog Who Played Centerfield


Well, Parker the dog doesn’t actually PLAY baseball. After all, he’s a four-legged animal. But Parker really understands baseball from having watched so many Little League teams play over the years.

So, instead of playing baseball, Parker coaches a boy named Max who plays centerfield for the Kansas City Royals in the Riverdale Little League.

Parker has made it his hobby to memorize the strengths and weaknesses of the Little League batters. He uses this information to position Max in centerfield for each hitter on the other team. He does this by pushing and nudging Max into the correct position.

Now Parker is looking forward to helping Max when Max’s team plays its arch rival in the game that will decide which team goes to the Little League regional playoffs.

But then something awful happens. Just before this important game, the town’s dog-catcher snatches Parker in his net and hides him from Max’s team. No one knows where Parker is.

So Max is back on his own in the outfield, not sure where to position himself in centerfield for different batters.

Will Max find Parker or will he be on his own, wandering around the outfield, when his team plays the big game?

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