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The Counterfeit Twin by

The Counterfeit Twin

When Socrates Cheng is hired by a Civil War museum to investigate a burglary and to recover stolen documents, he comes face-to-face with the most perilous and controversial investigation of his career as he learns that the documents contain an explosive and deadly secret: that revered Confederate General Robert E. Lee was born a black slave who passed for white.

Pressed hard by the museum to recover the documents before their incendiary content becomes public, and suspected by homicide cops of having committed murder in the course of his investigation, Socrates races to protect the museum’s most closely guarded secret and to establish his own innocence.

The Counterfeit Twin marries the suspense of an intricate murder mystery with glimpses into Civil War history, southern-plantation slave life, and the strange behavior of modern-day Civil War reenactors.

THE COUNTERFEIT TWIN can be purchased at AMAZON.

The Mourning Woman by

The Mourning Woman

Four years have passed since the events in MANDARIN YELLOW pulled Socrates into the mysteries of his Chinese heritage and introduced him to the world of the private investigator. And much has happened since then: Socrates is now a licensed PI and has built a successful white-collar investigation practice; his father has died; and his mother has returned to her Greek roots, once again embracing her childhood culture and religion, and moving into a condominium populated by Greek immigrants.

Now, Socrates finds himself caught up in the mysteries of his Greek heritage as he responds to a plea by his mother and investigates threats made against her elderly neighbor -- a woman who reputedly is the descendent of the ancient Greek Oracle at Delphi, and a woman whose dire prophecies have a disquieting and deadly habit, Socrates soon learns, of coming true.

THE MOURNING WOMAN can be purchased at AMAZON.

Mandarin Yellow by

Mandarin Yellow

Why would a burglar break into an art gallery in Washington, DC's Georgetown neighborhood and steal an historic fountain pen [known as the Mandarin Yellow] worth $2,200, but leave behind several hundred other artifacts and works of art worth tens of thousands of dollars each?

And why would someone else later commit murder to protect the burglar's secret?

These are some of the questions that Socrates Cheng, an American of Chinese and Greek descent, must face as he is reluctantly dragged into the investigation of the burglary by his girlfriend's father, the notorious head of a Washington, DC, Chinatown criminal Triad.

Mandarin Yellow is being published in two formats: eBook and trade paperback.

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