The Trace Austin Suspense Thriller Series

No Place To Hide by

No Place To Hide


You do the thing you were trained to do. You fight back or you die.

That’s the situation ex-Navy SEAL Trace Austin faces when the President of the United States decides to eliminate the five people who know his deadly secret — a secret so disturbing that should it ever be revealed, it will send the President to prison for the rest of his life.

Trace knows the President’s secret. He is one of the five people the President must eliminate before he leaves Office and gives up his powers as President.

But Trace will not go quietly. He will fight back against all efforts to get rid of him in this edge of the seat, action-packed second book in the Trace Austin suspense thriller series that is full of twists and turns you won’t see coming.

Because Trace has no other choice.

When the President of the United States wants you dead, there is no place to hide. You resist or you die.

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No Safe Place by

No Safe Place

What if the president of the United States authorized a secret biological weapon attack against an American city as part of a homeland security experiment intended to provide the government with real-time information showing how people will react after an actual terrorist’s bioweapon attack?

And what if you and your family happen to be vacationing in the target city when that government experiment occurred?

That’s the situation ex-Navy SEAL Trace Austin and his family find themselves in when they go on vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and are trapped behind barbed wire, subject to quarantine and martial law.

The challenge to Trace is not only to protect himself and his family from the toxic world they find themselves ensnared in, but also to avoid retribution from the president of the United States once he learns that Trace has uncovered his role in the secret bioweapon experiment.

NO SAFE PLACE can be purchased at AMAZON.