What people are saying about NO PLACE TO HIDE:

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Amazon HALL OF FAME Top 100 Reviewer Grady Harp wrote: “ NO PLACE TO HIDE is a tense, beautifully sculpted novel that blends international politics, the military, and of course crime.

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When an author is able to strike a chord of fear with the opening lines, the reader can be assured the designated genre of ‘suspense novel’ is correct. Steve does this with direct ease.

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. . . .And [after this opening] we’re off and running and that [fast, tense] pace is sustained throughout this fine book.

. . . . Reading this second installment of the Trace Austin series develops a need to read the entire series — and that is a solid sign that Steven M. Roth is a novelist of significance.

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What people are saying about THE COUNTERFEIT TWIN:

Mr. Roth, Mr. Roth.............Why do you do this to me? I came home from work one night intending to read a few chapters to relax. The next thing I knew it was 1 AM and I had unwittingly gobbled the whole book. The plot premises are fantastic, and plausible at the same time. . . . . This was great fun to read, and I don`t even regret the loss of an evening to do so. Please sir, may I have another?


I particularly enjoyed this latest Socrates Cheng mystery because of its somewhat outrageous premise, introduced in the first chapter. Steven Roth grabbed my attention from the outset and kept my interest through to the conclusion.


Author Steven Roth’s third in the series of Socrates Cheng mysteries is an intriguing, fast paced murder mystery that grabs and holds the reader’s attention from the very first chapter.


What people are saying about NO SAFE PLACE:

Steven Roth has written a terrifyingly real bioweapon suspense novel. He has the chops to keep a reader turning pages and anxious about what comes next. No Safe Place alerts us to what the government has done and may still be doing to an unsuspecting and unconcerned public. Highly recommended.

Charlie Stella
Bestselling author of TOMMY RED and eight other crime novels

What people are saying about MANDARIN YELLOW

A splendidly told and sophisticated tale by a first-time novelist. The multi-layered murder mystery not only remains engaging throughout, but also offers the reader a superb primer on Chinese culture and history, particularly post-World War II history.


If you’re a mystery fan, you shouldn’t miss this novel that features a Parker Duofold (the eponymous Mandarin Yellow). This is prime mystery: well plotted and compellingly written. Roth weaves a taut storyline, paces it perfectly, and wraps it in twists and turns that make no sense until you get to the end (when everything clicks perfectly into place). Along the way, he slips in all the clues you need to solve the mystery right along with hero Socrates Cheng.


What people are saying about THE MOURNING WOMAN:

There are never enough five star mysteries out there for a dedicated reader like myself. Steven Roth has now written another in his Socrates Cheng private investigator series called, "The Mourning Woman." His first was, "Mandarin Yellow," which I thought outstanding. Both have fascinating, complicated plots involving a mix of Chinese and Greek cultures. Roth's extensive credentials in the study of these groups has provided him with a unique perspective that fits perfectly with the genre of intrigue, historical vendetta, and motives unlikely to be uncovered easily by a typical American detective.

History Major

The Mourning Woman, the second in the series of Socrates Cheng mystery novels, is an intelligent and engrossing murder mystery that is stylish, well-crafted, and every bit as satisfying as Steven M. Roth's debut Cheng mystery, Mandarin Yellow. Roth is a great storyteller. I look forward to the third installment of the series.